I’m back from a long hiatus!

It turns out applying and interviewing to faculty jobs and then starting one is a busy time. I’ve just begun my junior sabbatical leave, so now have a bit of bandwidth to write again. It was always my hope to write and do my day job at the same time.

That was a silly, silly idea.

But, I’m hopeful now that I’ve figured things out at work, I will be able to keep this up even once sabbatical is done.

As a fair warning, instead of having different spaces for different things, just about everything is going here. Research paper discussions, science education, personal stuff like trips and fitness, etc…

I will do my best to not embarrass myself and I will also use tags so you can find the content you want.

FYI, most personal/fitness stuff, and anything pre-2017 will be password-protected. If you know me, and want in on these posts, I am happy to send you the password.

At some point I’ll also make a meta-post of with links to all my writing from other sites, news outlets, etc. (i.e. the stuff that had an editor and I sometimes was paid for.)